Life’s Lessons Book 2021

Mary’s second book is ready for purchase. Here is the cover and an excerpt from the “Wealth Management and Contentment” chapter. Books can be purchased from us directly at festivals for $10, or we can mail them to you for a cost of $10 plus shipping. Contact us through the web site with for information on how to get a copy.

Having a purpose and balance in your life in regard to work and money is vastly important to the level of happiness you may enjoy. My youngest son is fond of saying “nobody puts on their tombstone; I wish I had worked more hours.”

How do you achieve that perfect balance? It’s actually very simple, don’t spend more money than you make. Figure out the difference between needs and wants. Food, water, shelter, clothing and shoes are essentials. If you live in the north, heat in the winter is essential. A lot of things we spend money on are luxuries and not necessary for life.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that so elevates wealth and status that many people fall into a trap of having things even when they cannot afford them. Not to worry though; the credit card companies are more than happy to let you borrow their money to pay for things you want and need. So many people get way over their heads in credit card debt before they come to the painful realization that making the minimum payments every month only compounds the cost of whatever they purchased and turns it into years of financial bondage. There are people who are still paying interest on a gallon of milk they consumed years ago. Truly sad and not necessary. 

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