When we go to check our mail, there are letters begging for support from about 5 sources that we have been able to support in a small way through the years. Each week and sometimes twice a week, they send these printed requests for additional funding.  My career before full time ministry was in the printing business, so I know first hand the cost of printing and mailing. Sometimes we think all of the donation we made goes into pandering for more donations.


The Bluegrass Gospel Sing and Jam is a ministry, and Mary and Mike are missionaries who are in need of support. We survive on donations from Churches and individuals within the bluegrass community.  Rather than constantly barraging our friends and supporters with reminders, we simply ask from time to time and provide information as to how to provide much needed support. The last time we really sent out a financial plea was 2013.


We have been on the road full time for 15 years now and therefore a 15 year annuity that we set up when we started is running out in January of 2019. That was a monthly allotment that we will not have going forward. We were owed another personal loan from a family member and that is now paid off. This has created a short fall for the next two years before we can begin to collect Social Security.


If you decide to support the ministry financially, we will not send well crafted begging letters every week, e mails or sad stories to tug on your heart strings, maybe just a thank you card or e mail acknowledging the gift.

Information as to how to support the Bluegrass Gospel Sing and Jam can be found at this link: http://bluegrassgospelsing.com/wordpress/support-the-ministry/ May God richly bless you, as you decide what part you might have in supporting this ministry.

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